bus 517 assignemnt 3

Since the budget was cut off for the new project, the WBS for the DU Unlimited have to cut back on so many levels of the organization and it is going to show what I have to do and where it is necessary to invest more budget. Since the budget has been cut, I have to rearrange teams or groups because of the shortage of finance. The first element I am going to talk about which occur within WBS is the labor. As a project manager I need to cut on labor and by doing so, I will save time by cutting teams which use to be 10 to 4 teams by keeping the main team members really capable of bringing or producing a well develop project. Within the four teams, each team will have a specific task to do with limited budget and have to produce a well design project on time. Each team will have a leader to supervise the work and share the idea his team has to me as their project manager.
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