Module 4 DQ 2 argument Corie –Grand Canyon

Group comparison is not the best approach to analyze this data due to the fact there is no manipulation of the collaborative teaching community. There are many different levels as noted in the scenario of collaborative teaching community participation days, thus this will something that possible could determine a relationship between collaborative teaching community participation and student test scores (Grand Canyon University, 2016). If there were two groups of collaborative teaching communities, such as one group of teachers whom participated and one group who did not. This would be the appropriate scenario to analyze the data through group comparison. This scenario would allow for a group comparison because the 2 groups (collaborative reaching community VS. No teaching community) are not related to the test scores of the other group (Grand Canyon University, 2016). In the scenario of this discussion question, a paired t-test would be done, but if a group comparison was to be warranted an independent t-test or basic t-test would be done (Grand Canyon University, 2016).
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