All of us are destined to take different paths in life and make different decisions. Along the way we are going to make mistake but we are human and humans make mistakes. We grow stronger by learning from our mistakes in life whether it is from a relationship, lying, screwing up at work, etc. My view on the ultimate meaning of life is to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Life is about staying true to oneself and staying strong during the most difficult times in life. It means to love our neighbors and assist those in need when able to do so. I believe it is also about finding your true self. Finding one's purpose in life is determined by your ability to appreciate every moment you take by making positive use of it. So live life right and do good by yourself and others. Also enjoy the existence given to you while you are able to. The meaning of life is what it means to you as a person and what you make of it. What do you value in your life? The meaning of life to me is to make life meaningful and to live life to the fullest. What gives human life meaning is the ability to learn, grow, change, and to become a better more open-minded individual. The reason I know this is because it is exactly what gives meaning to my life and how I have been able to prosper in life so far. Sure I have made many of mistakes but I strongly believe that what defines you is not the hole that you are in but how you pull yourself out of it and that is what defines you.
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