Everything a parent needs to know*

Being a parent can easily become overwhelming, but in her new book “Everything a parent needs to know*”, Maria Boicova-Wynants addresses a number of important issues pertaining to parenthood, lifestyle balance and even household. Maria questions the customary and shares her insights, encouraging you to find your unique way in life. She emphasizes the importance of choice and provides food for thought that will assist you in making choice for yourself. Moreover, this book contains a number of valuable tips, that actually work; for example, on traveling with kids, childproofing your home, or managing cleaning-up.
Above all, after reading this book you will feel more confident in your ability to successfully navigate the challenges of parenthood and to find lifestyle balance for yourself in any circumstances (and all this for a price of a cafe latte!)
This is a “blog-to-book” based on 50 posts published on Maria’s blog http://familylifeceo.com. Posts are sorted, structured and enriched with some insights Maria gained from conversations with her readers from over 120 countries around the world.
The somewhat pretentious title is validated by the fundamental nature of the questions addressed. That is because if you are able to find your lifestyle balance and have a clear vision for your life plan, finding answers to everyday questions becomes much easier.