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ENG 200 Week 1 Assessing Arguments

Understanding the elements of an argument is the first step toward creating your own. In this assignment, you will review three essays, each demonstrating a unique style of presenting an argument, and choose one essay to evaluate using strategies outlined in your text. Evaluating these arguments will prepare you to write effective persuasive arguments.

Review the following essays in Ch. 1 of Elements of Argument. After accessing the ebook, enter the page number given for each article to access them. The place to enter the page number is at the bottom left of the screen once the book has been accessed.




Page 15: Aristotelian: “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” by Liz Long


Page 22: Rogerian: “The ‘Unnatural’ Ashley Treatment Can Be Right for Profoundly Disabled Children” by Peter Singer


Page 31: Toulmin: “Latest 3-D Films Add Dimension, Not Appeal” by Jonathan Winchell


Select one of the three argument essays listed above to evaluate.

Use the strategies on pp. 53-54 in Ch. 2 of Elements of Argument for your evaluation.

Write an assessment of the essay. Your assessment must be at least 350 words total. Include the following in your assessment:




Identify the essay and the author.


Identify the author’s thesis.


Explain whether the organization of the article was effective in making its argument.


Describe the methods the author used to argue a point, persuade, mislead, or sway the reader.


Describe how the author’s awareness of and response to other arguments were demonstrated in the essay.


Describe the level of timeliness, relevance, credibility of the author and publication presented in the essay.


Implement one quote from each essay to illustrate your evaluation.


Format your assessment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. Title and reference pages are not necessary for this assignment.

The Assessing Arguments Grading Guide will be used to grade your assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.






ENG 200 Week 2 Topic Selection

Selecting an appropriate topic is the first step in creating an effective persuasive argument. This assignment is the basis for your Week 3 Thesis and Research Questions, Week 3 Organizing the Persuasive Essay, Week 4 Persuasive Essay, and Week 5 Persuasive Essay Presentation assignments.

Complete the Topic Selection worksheet.

Submit your worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.

Topic Selection Worksheet


Select a topic for your Week 4 Persuasive Essay using the following steps:




Review the College Specific Resources for Rhetoric and Research Learning Activity in Week 1.


Click on any College/School that interests you. 




Each college page has a description of the importance of rhetoric and research to degree programs and professional careers within that College/School.


The topics for you to choose from are below the “Importance of Rhetoric and Research” paragraph. Each topic has a link to an associated resource from the University Library to learn more about the topic. For example, the College of Humanities and Sciences has the topics “Synthetic Life”, “Large Hadron Collider will Destroy Earth”, “Climate Change”, and many other topics to choose from.




Choose one controversial topic. Your topic must be selected from the list of topics under one of the Colleges/Schools. Please note that the “Accessibility” area on the right is not one of the topics.


Complete the worksheet below using your chosen topic.


What is your topic? <Enter your topic here.


Relate the key points of an effective research topic for the topic you chose for your Week 4 Persuasive Essay. Identify how your topic addresses the key points of an effective research paper topic. Refer to the “Evaluating Possible Topics” section on p. 339 of Ch. 11 in Elements of Argument. Your response to each question should be at least 50 words (for a total of at least 200 words).




How is your topic interesting?


<Enter your response of at least 50 words here.





How is your topic debatable?


<Enter your response of at least 50 words here.





How is your topic not too broad and not too narrow?


<Enter your response of at least 50 words here.





How is your topic not too unconventional?


<Enter your response of at least 50 words here.




ENG 200 Week 2 Argument Evaluation and Response

Arguments can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. There may be times when we do not fully evaluate arguments before forming our response to them. Would our response have been different if we fully understood what was being argued? Argument evaluation is important in everyday life to help you communicate effectively with others, and to function in the world around you. This assignment requires you to evaluate a written argument through identifying the claim and the supporting evidence. After evaluating the argument, you will form your response based on your evaluation.

Select an article from one of the themes on the Argument Evaluation Topic List.

Locate that article in the University Library.

Read the article, and use the tips provided on p. 171 in Ch. 5 and p. 229 in Ch. 7 of Elements of Argument to evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s claim and analyze the supporting evidence.

Write a 350-word summary of your evaluation. Include the following:




Identify the author’s claim.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s claim.


Identify and analyze the supporting evidence connected to the claim.


Respond to the argument based on your evaluation. Use the tips in Ch. 4 of Elements of Argument for guidance on how to form your response.


Format your summary according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Include an APA-formatted title page. Any ideas used from the textbook or the individual article should be cited appropriately using in-text citations, as well as a references page citation. Use the Reference and Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance with citations, if necessary.

The Argument Evaluation and Response Grading Guide will be used to grade your assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 200 Week 3 Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet

In this assignment, you develop your thesis and research questions using the topic you selected in Week 2. This assignment will help to form the basis for the research you are conducting for your Persuasive Essay, due in Week 4. This assignment must be completed prior to the Organizing the Persuasive Essay assignment this week, as it will form the basis for how you will organize your essay.

Complete the Thesis and Research Questions worksheet. You may find the following Center for Writing Excellence resources useful:




Writing a Thesis Statement Tutorial


Thesis Statement Generator


Format any citations within your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet


Provide responses to the following questions using the topic you selected in Week 2. Your responses to this worksheet will help you in Week 4 when you craft your Persuasive Essay.






What is your selected topic?


<Enter your selected topic here.






The thesis statement will provide direction to your essay. Write your thesis statement for your selected topic.



Thesis statement:  <Enter your thesis statement here.






Research questions help you to guide your research in finding materials appropriate for your essay. Technically, these questions should be answered by your thesis statement. Keep in mind that research questions are sometimes edited or rewritten as you research.



Provide three research questions that will direct your research for this essay:






<Enter your first research question here.







<Enter your second research question here.







<Enter your third research question here.







In 75-100 words, explain your next steps in preparing to write your persuasive essay.





ENG 200 Week 3 Organizing the Persuasive Essay

Organizing your persuasive essay will depend greatly on the type of thesis you plan to present. Using the Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet from this week, you can begin to outline and organize the content of your Week 4 Persuasive Essay.

This assignment has two parts, Part A and Part B.




In Part A, choose either Option 1 or Option 2. Respond to the questions for the option you select.


After you finish Part A, complete Part B of the assignment.


Part A

Read “Organizing the Material,” on pp. 374-384 in Ch. 12 of Elements of Argument.

Consider the thesis and research question you are creating for your Week 4 Persuasive Essay.

Review Option 1 and Option 2 below for organizing an essay.

Choose one of the following options as your strategy for organizing your Persuasive Essay:

Option 1: Organization Strategies




Which of the four organizational strategies (defending the main idea, refuting an opposing view, finding the middle ground, or presenting the stock issues) will you use, and why have you selected that strategy?


How does the strategy you selected align with your thesis statement?


Option 2: Contention




In what order will you unfold your essay’s main contentions?


What is your strongest and most persuasive contention?


Why is it more appropriate to place your strongest contention in the emphatic position (either first or last)?


Write a response of at least 350 words total to the corresponding questions from the option you selected above.

Part B

You will now start your Persuasive Essay, due in Week 4, by beginning with an outline.

Outline your paper in at least 350 words, using the Persuasive Essay Instructions as a template. Be sure to use complete sentences for each component of the paper (i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion).

Format any citations within your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit Part A and Part B of your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 200 Week 4 Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays can be structured in different ways, but they all have one goal in mind: to persuade others to agree with the argument that is being made. Have you ever disagreed with someone on a point and tried to get them to understand your argument? This assignment will help you learn the proper ways to structure your arguments so that they are more persuasive.

Review the Persuasive Essay Instructions from Week 3.

Review the following completed assignments and your faculty feedback for them:




Week 2 Topic Selection


Week 3 Thesis and Research Questions Worksheet


Week 3 Organizing the Persuasive Essay


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word (approximately 4 to 5 pages) persuasive essay, using your previous assignments as resources.




Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


Submit your essay to the Plagiarism Checker, located in the Center for Writing Excellence, and make any required changes that are mentioned in the results of the report. Use the Plagiarism Checker Instructions for step-by-step instructions for how to use the Plagiarism Checker. If another submission is needed after changes, please submit your essay again.


Submit your Persuasive Essay to WritePoint® powered by Grammarly in the Center for Writing Excellence. Use the suggestions from WritePoint® powered by Grammarly to improve the grammar and use of active voice in your essay.


The Persuasive Essay Grading Guide will be used to grade this assignment.


Submit your final copy of the Persuasive Essay, along with your final Plagiarism Checker report to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 200 Week 5 Persuasive Essay Presentation

Throughout this course, you have worked on a persuasive essay, which you submitted in Week 4. Now it is time to present your persuasive essay to a target audience. In this assignment, you will be taking the key points from your persuasive essay and integrating them into a persuasive essay presentation.

Read the Persuasive Essay Presentation Instructions.

Create your 6- to 8-slide Persuasive Essay Presentation.




For help with creating presentations, use the Learning Activities from this week, which are also linked under Materials on the right side of the screen.


Include detailed speaker notes in your presentation.


Format any citations in your presentation according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.




ENG 200 Week 5 Reflection Journal Entry

As you complete the course, it is important to look back at the content and skills that you have learned, and consider how you will implement these skills throughout your academic program, and in your personal and professional life.

Reflect on the content presented, and the skills you have learned throughout all five weeks of this course.

Write a journal entry of at least 350 words discussing the following questions:




What rhetorical writing strategies have you learned in this course that will be most useful, and how will they influence your writing?


In what ways might knowledge of argumentative or persuasive writing be important to your future courses and career?


Why is it important to become aware of how to convert the written word into a presentation? How might that skill be used in your future career?


Thinking back over the courses you have completed so far in your degree program, what are the three most important lessons learned that you will use in the future? Explain and provide examples.


Note: Because this is a journal entry, APA formatting is not required.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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