I Know: Indie Rock Ballad (Royalty Free Commercial Music)

"I Know Indie Rock Ballad" is an indie rock track with English Male vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, electric bass, and drums. This track is a kind of anthem and ballad in the indie style, taking cues from bands such as The Arcade Fire and The Shins in terms of affect and style. In this track I capture the sincere emotions that are delivered so well by indie musicians, that of love, loss, and melancholy, all with a positive and nostalgic feel.

Two versions of the track:
"I know Indie Rock Ballad" full version: 2:22
"I know Indie Rock Ballad" instrumental version: 2:21

140 BPM



Let's take it all back now
back to when we were young
didn't think we could get so far
but look how far we've come

and I know
I know
I know
I know
we all have doubts sometimes

after all this time
we've been close and we've been far
you never know what's turning up
you never know what's turning out

and I know
I know
I know
I know
we all feel love sometimes

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