Nikkis Emotional Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Nikki has extremely long hair, that has wave to it. Outdoors, she talks about her hair experience. Her long locks are released from their braids and brushed and blown in the wind. Nikki plays with her hair too, as soon, her hair will be cut into a bob. Once Nikki is in Kat's salon, she takes a seat in the 1920's barber chair and her hair is brushed out, close-ups showing the entire length of her hair, and the barber chair recline to show off her hair as a few inches of it lay on the checkered floor. Yes, folks, her hair is that long. After 31 minutes, the stylist, James William, puts her hair into two pigtails and measures the hair that will be cut off. It totals 39 inches. Her ponytails are then braided. Around the 39 minute mark, a blue nylon cape is draped over Nikki and the cape ties tied. A paper neck strip is wrapped around her neck. The barber chair is pumped up, and Nikki's eyes begin to get shiny. As the scissors cut through the first braid, Nikki's eye tear up and the tears start to fall, which is understandable since this is such a dramatic haircut for Nikki. She runs her fingers through her new short hair, "wow, wow." James lifts up the cover to the shampoo bowl and attaches a shampoo tray to the barber chair. Nikki is reclined back slightly and her hair is wet, shampooed, and rinsed. Her hair is briefly toweled dry and sectioned off with clips. A scissors and a comb cut and stylize the bob. After the haircut is finished, James applies pomade to Nikki's hair and then blow dries it dry. A small cordless clippers cleans up her nape, and a pink duster whisks the shorn hair away. Nikki combs her fingers through her hair and states that she likes her new haircut so much that she's going to cry again. Nikki poses with her braids to show off her new style at the end. Duration 88 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .wmv
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