GrassTalkRadio Supporter Pack

GrassTalkRadio Supporter Pack

Thank you for supporting the podcast! You can choose the amount you want by clicking those up/down arrows. If you just won the lottery just set a paperweight on the mouse for a few hours. If you are broke, like most bluegrass pickers, $5 is as low as she goes.

As a way of saying thanks for your support this download includes a PDF copy of my eBook "Jam Session Survival". This is the same book that Mike Marshall bought so he didn't have to keep hollering out the chords to the songs. Pretty funny!

I am also including a PDF copy of the first book I wrote called "Music Theory for Banjo Pickers and Other Ignoramuses" which I wrote for a student and ultimately got rolled in to "Mandolin Master Class" and later "The Flint Hill Scrolls."

I appreciate your financial support and if you have topic suggestions or a comment about the podcast please contact me. can only survive with the support of the listeners! If you like the show tell your friends, share links on Facebook and Twitter and rate and review the show on iTunes.

Thank you!
Bradley Laird
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