You Were Born To Be Wealthy MP4

5 Minute Audio Video Subliminal Mp4

The Truth Is You Are Born Rich In Full Expression And Nothing Less

Just Listen Video Subliminal

Sample spoken commands in video and music Include but not limited to

Born  to  be  rich

I am  born  to  be  rich

I feel rich

I see myself rich

I know I'm rich 

You  are

I raise my level of awareness

I  maintain  a  high  level  of consciousness

Conscious of  my  oneness

Eternal divine light source

Improving the quality of my life

Harmonious  vibration  with  the  good  I desire

I  exercise  my power for good

High  expectations  with  real  worthy  goals

 I  instill  health  and  well  being

Right   thinking  right  attitude

I automatically  connect with the good i desire

I increase positive thinking

I maintain conscious control

I increase higher  levels  of  faith

I illuminate  my  life  to  a  greater  degree

I  pay  close  attention  to  what is going on

My  thoughts  are  powerful

All  things  are possible

I do what I love to do

I like to study and  learn  new things

I build an image in my mind

I turn it over to spirit and let go

I am rewarded openly for my faith

I believe my good is coming to me now

Deep  down

I believe I'm rich

I accept this as truth for me

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Does Not Contain Binaural Brain Waves
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