158 : Miss Melanie and the picnic in the country

Miss Melanie wants to do a beautiful picnic surrounded by the magnificence of the countryside. With her dress and her heels, she is ready to find the best spot with her Panda to have a nice picnic!

While she is driving, the Fiat randomly stalls in the middle of the road, so she has to fight a lot to get the little Fiat going!

She pleads the car to start and not stall again while she is on the road, but the panda wants to play this game... She finally finds the perfect spot for the picnic, and so she relaxes in the grass with her picnic basket. 

After having a very relaxing lunch, she thinks it's time to go back home, so she gets in the car again, but the engine doesn't want to turn back on! She tries pumping the pedals so hard, trying in every possible way, and finally she gets it started!

While she's driving in the grass she notices a lovely hill … and she decides to have some fun by trying to climb it !!  She pushes the gas pedal as much as she can and she enjoys the smoking wheels !!
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