Emotional Uplifting Music - Bliss

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Song : Emotional Uplifting Music - Bliss.
Year : 2016
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Visual effects have been created by me.
Hello Everyone,
Here is my new sequence called " Bliss ", A song dedicated to all the sad and devastating recent fires in Cyprus mountains and for the two brave firemen who tragically died fighting this fire in their effort to keep us all safe.
Here in Cyprus because of a combination of prolonged very hot and dry weather the fire risk is high for most of the year. Forest fires break out frequently over the summer months for a variety of reasons, partly due to carelessness by people throwing cigarette butts from their cars, lightning strikes and carelessness camp fires.
Hope that this was a big lesson to all of us and that it will not happen again.
Quote by James Baldwin :
" Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot 
live without and know we cannot live within "
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