Qarkabou Ganwa

Qarkabou Instrument Maghribn library for Native Instrument Kontakt 5  :

- Qarkabou Instrument Maghribn
- For Native Instrument Kontakt 5 
- Work in fl studio 11/12
- Instermeent Form Morocco 
- Qarkabou its gnawa Insterment
- Production  in High Quality For Kontakt 5 Quality without comprmise  
- Brings High Quality Samples libraries for the music composers, arrangers,

BY Stephan vst o company for indistry musical from morocco

musicians and music lovers who want to enjoy the Various sounds
About Qarkabou instrument : 
Krakebs (qraqeb), or garagab (Arabic: قراقب‎) are a large iron castanet-like musical instrument primarily used as the rhythmic aspect of Gnawa music.[1] Gnawa today is part of the Moroccan and North African culture and is inherent in the Moroccan soundscape.
In the Gnawa style, krakebs stay closed between hits so that the instrument clanging shut is the most prominent sound. In Tunisia, they are hit and pulled back apart quickly so that the ringing of the instrument is the most prominent sound. Generally, there is one Sintir (Guimbri) and up to 20 krakeb players per Gnawa ensemble
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