GH5/Varicam V-LOG LUTS

NEW BMDFilm LUT added to pack to match when using with Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k

The GH5 is out now! but V-LOG has been in the hands of many since GH4/Varicam

This is a new release pack for V-LOG, including Base profiles for good starting points or a finished look. You can now also install my LUTS in the GH5 so you can shoot V-LOG but preview in camera any LUT you decide to install.

It also has LUTS for a profile that I created in camera if you don't want to use V-LOG. Please use my LUTS for that profile and not V-LOG LUTS

The pack also includes stylised looks along with many of my other looks released for other camera profiles that people have enjoyed.

Purchase LUTS here for just £4.99

LUTS Work with:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Davinci Resolve
LUT Monitors/ Blackmagic Video Assist etc

The song in the video is available below part of my 'Time To Believe' album for Filmmakers:

LUTS Also work with GH4/Varicam using VLOG

To flick through the 'LUTS' in the Creative Control Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro - Go To 'Applications', 'Adobe Premiere Pro CC', Right click 'Show Package Contents', 'Contents', 'Lumetri', 'LUTs', 'Creative'
and then drag in the whole 'DaVinci Resolve' folder containing the LUTS
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