A Glimpse Beyond - Complete - Updated Album Mix, Original Album Mix, TAB book and Backing Tracks

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Limited time package.  This epic Neo-Classical album package includes:

+ "A Glimpse Beyond" full original album release in Mp3 format
+ "A Glimpse Beyond" full remastered album re-release in Mp3 format
+ Complete album Guitar TAB book in PDF format 
+ All 12 TABS in Guitar Pro format
+ Full Backing Track Collection (does not include "Anthem Of The Mad" intro as it does not apply) in Mp3 format

Track List:
1. Anthem of the Mad (Intro)
2. They Were As Stone
3. Glass Alice
4. A Glimpse Beyond
5. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
6. The Point of No Return
7. Toccata and Fugue in D-minor
8. In Moment and Memory
9. Spirit of Dreams
10. La Folia (Corelli)
11. Quoth the Looming Dusk
12. The End 

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