Cross-Cultural Training for ESL/EFL: British Business Etiquette lesson PPT and PDF

Disclaimer: In order to view this PPT lesson properly, download these fonts at!cross-cultural-training/f812p should you not already have them installed on your computer.

Do British people really always talk about the weather, stand in queues and drink tea all day? Is that what I'm also expected to do if I travel to the UK for business or leisure? I know Western people are direct, but does that mean I can ask them about their salary and personal life? Not sure? Check out this lesson and learn more about the fine nuances of British culture!

Cross-Culture Cafe lessons are targeted at intermediate to more advanced EFL/ESL Business English learners and speakers of the English language. Lessons include vocabulary, audio (text in the handout to be read), reading comprehension, videos, discussion questions, role-plays and homework, thus providing a richer learning experience and relating to real-life situations. This lesson contains 28 slides/pages and is good for 2 hours (depending on the size of class).

All zip-folders contain 3 files: the PPT lesson and PDFs (with and without the answer key) and come with clear step-by-step teaching notes and are standalone – you will not need to prepare extra materials in order to complete the lesson. However, you can edit the PPTs on your computer to adjust to your needs.

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