Linde Forklift Truck H1313 Series: H25CT, H27CT, H30CT, H32CT Service Training (Workshop) Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Forklift Truck H-Series Type 1313.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 252 Pages, Printable
Language: English


0. Product Information
   Variants and Options
   Mast variants
   System options
   Chassis options
   Cabin options
   Operating environment options
   Scheduled Maintenance
   Maintenance at 1 000 hours
   Maintenance at 3000 hours
   Maintenance at 6000 hours
   Sideshifter Maintenance Intervals
   Scheduled Maintenance Summary
   Control System
   Control System Overview
   Fault Display
   Fault Indicator Explanations
   Fluids and Lubricants
   Fluid and Lubricant Specifications
   Towing the Truck
   Towing the Truck
   Truck Specifications
   Mast Heights
1. Engine
   Control System Overview
   Engine Specifications
   Air Filter Replacement and Vacuum Switch Check
   Intake and Exhaust System Inspection
   Engine Oil and Filter Replacement
   Spark Plug Replacement
   Alternator Belt Inspection
   Alternator Belt Replacement
   Timing Belt Inspection
   Timing Belt Removal, Installation, and Tension Adjustment
   Cylinder Head Assembly Removal and Installation
   Camshaft Removal and Installation
   Hydaulic Lifter Testing
   Radiator and Hydraulic Oil Cooler Cleaning
   Coolant Concentration Measurement
   Coolant Draining and Refilling
   Thermostat Replacement
   Water Pump Replacement
   Engine Mount Inspection
   Engine Removal and Installation
   Drive Line Removal and Installation
   Crankshaft Speed Sensor 0B2
   Flywheel Speed Sensor 1B1
   Coolant Temperature Sensor 0B1
   Fuel System
   Lambda Control System
   LP System Leak Inspection
   LP Filter Replacement
   Exhaust Gas CO Level Check
2. Power Transmission
   Component Specifications
   Drive Component Overview
   Hydrostatic Drive Unit
   Hydrostatic System Overview
   Hydrostatic Unit Components
   Troubleshooting the Hydrostatic Unit
   Control Piston Initial Delivery Adjustment
   Swivel Angle Adjustment
   Hydraulic Zero Adjustment
   Drive Axle
   Drive Axle Oil Level and Leak Inspection
   Wheel Hub Removal and Replacement
   Brake Disc Replacement
   Brake Piston Repair
   Wheel Hub Unit Disassembly
   Wheel Hub Unit Assembly
   Drive Axle Removal and Replacement
   Removing the ring and pinion from the axle housing
   Ring and pinion carrier disassembly
   Ring and pinion carrier assembly
   Ring and Pinion Carrier Installation
3. Chassis
   Tightening torques
   Hydraulic brake valve
   Adjusting the brake pedal switch
   Parking Brake Testing
   Check wheels and tires
   Chassis Mechanism Inspection
4. Steering
   Steering system
   Steering system - Checking
   Steering Axle Cleaning and Lubrication
   Steering Cylinder and King Pin Fastener Inspection
   Steering axle - Design
   Steering axle number
   Steering axle - Removal and installation
   Repairsto the steering axle
   Replacing steering cylinder seals
   Stub axle
   Replacement of wheel bearings
   Adjusting the steering stop
5. Controls
   Stop screws
   Hydraulic Control Levers
   Joystick variants
   Functional description
   Pedal Assembly Inspection
6. Electrics / Electronics
   Safety instructions for electrical equipment
   EMC- Electromagnetic compatibility
   CAN bus
   Electrostatic charging
   Central electrical system
   Linde Truck Control (LTC)
   Engine Protection System (optional equipment)
   Testing the electronic controllers and components
   Testing the LTC (vehicle and lift controller)
   Checking wiring harness
   Testing sensors
   Testing the indicator unit
   LP Level System
   Fault Code Log — Reading and Clearing
   Drive Potentiometer and Joystick Calibration
   Maintenance Interval Updating
7. Hydraulics
   Working hydraulics
   Functional description of the control valve
   Working hydraulic circuit diagram
   Function characteristics
   Pressure Relief Valves
   Hydraulic Bleed Valve Inspection
8. Load lift system
   Lift mast
   Extension sequence triplex mast
   Lift mast chains
   Adjust lift mast chain
   Roller play
   Removal of slide pads - standard mast
   Removal of slide pads -duplex mast
   Removal of slide pads -triplex mast
   Lift cylinder (outer) - removal and installation
   Lift cylinder (centre) - removal and installation
   Lift cylinder - sealing
   Line break safety device
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