Chicago Streets and Buildings Architectural 3D Model

- this model is based on real data therefore this is a realistic buildings and streets setup of Chicago, USA
- 15 building groups are setup so that you can add variety to buildings (color materials and/or textures) Groups can be turned off/on
- UV mapped with overlapping UVs
- the model is positioned on a flat surface (all buildings are on the “floor” (no elevation data included)
- geometry is polygonal quads and tris
- model is untextured and renders fast

- Update (January 2018) this model is compatible (simply copy and paste to merge them) with the Chicago Road Network 3D Model - sold separately on Sellfy :

- this 3D model is/can be licensed (commercial use is fine) under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareALike 2.0 (CC-BY-SA) license
- just drag and drop the model to your render setup and hit render

POINTS/VERTS : 9703571
POLYGONS : 6756694

- .c4d - native format
- .fbx - v7.1
- .dxf
- .dae - v1.5
- .obj

Commercial License:
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareALike 2.0 (CC-BY-SA) Attribution : © OpenStreetMap contributors /

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