Com310_Homework 2

My name is Halima Bakillah and I am the owner of HBW (Halima Bakillah Wheels) Automobiles. I would like to sincerely apologize for the accidental release of the malfunctioned 2012 model of the 5Z. Investigation has confirmed that a certain amount of vehicles were indeed tampered with before being shipped out. All automobile models 5Z 2012 soldbetween the dates of April 4th 2012 up to April 15th 2012 have been tampered with. The tampering has caused the cars to lack the release of the airbags when involved in a collision.

Our main focus is our customers at this point and preventing this from happening again.Determined to ensure the safety of our consumers HBW has conducted an immediate revoke of all5Z models sold that time frame from the entire country. Additionally, all future orders have been cancelled and postponed until the model is safe to drive. All revoked models will be replaced with no costs or fees to the consumers.
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