upper class' lo-fi drum kit vol. 03


There it is. After the great support and reviews on my previous two packs, I took a lot of time during the past few months to work on this kit. Very proud to present you the third volume of my lo-fi drum kits! Each sound has been carefully crafted and processed by a lot, creating a unique and authentic lo-fi flavor for all of the drum sounds in this pack. Since I used some of the sounds in my own productions as well, you can check out the playlist with a couple of track previews and download a free demo below as well! If you dig it and want to expand your drum collection, you'll get more than 30 originally crafted sounds for a very fair price!

The pack contains:

5 x kicks
8 x hats
15 x snares (it's all about the snares, isn't it?)
4 x drum breaks
and a couple of misc sounds: bass, tape noise, vinyl crackles

If you're not sure if you want to buy the full pack, you can get a free demo with 9 sounds from the pack here: http://puu.sh/vcgEv/83132a9ed5.zip
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