Allied Translator and Interpreter Section

The Allied Translator and Interpreter Section was established at Indooroopilly in Brisbane in 1942, with the objectives of gathering military information through:-

- interrogation of enemy prisoners

- exploitation of captured enemy documents

Its other role was to rapidly disseminate intelligence gained from documents and prisoners to Allied land, naval and air force headquarters.

Learn about ATIS interrogation techniques, their interaction with other allied intelligence units, Nisei personnel, "Tighnabruaich", "Narina", "Walella", Camp Chelmer, Gaythorne POW Camp, the Japanese POW, Seeichi Ogino, who was interrogated about 600 times, and WACs employed at ATIS. A number of b & w photos are displayed throughout the book.

The book also includes aerial photos showing details of the ATIS Camp at Indooroopilly and Camp Chelmer.
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