Divine Protection Field

This device will create a powerful protective field around the user that keeps out any and all negative energy.
This is a very user-friendly tool.

It's most efficiently used by printing out a copy and placing a witness sample in it's center.

Device is based on Sacred Geometry and sigil magick.

There really isn't much to say about the device, all that's important is that the device is a very effective protection tool.

Divine Protection Field II

The new version of doesn't just create a protective barrier but also purifies everything within the field.
V1 of the sigil had 2 deflective layers, V2 has 11 deflective layers that keeps out harmful energies.
This version can also be used with radionics as a trend since it's not just a protection pattern but a sigil as well.

Using it is the same as V1, print out a copy and place a witness sample in it's center.
To protect your house/property, go on to gmaps and get a aerial photo of it for use as the witness.
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