Mark Guiliana Gretsch Bebop VDT Bundle


Mark Guiliana - 'Gretsch Bebop kit Groove VDT'.

Rocking 4 bar dense groove (in the style of) Mark Guiliana.

The subtlety & intricate mix of ghosted & foot played notes on the hats are just one of the many factors that make this groove sound so dope.


MP4 - HD quality Video, Original speed and Slo' Mo' sections included.

PDF - Colour coded 'expanded' 4 stave Drum Chart -
Easy - view, exponentially improves reading.

* Immediate access to a higher level of Modern Drumming knowledge.

. Accessible for learning whether you read or don't read music.

. 'Slo Mo' Video - follow the notes at a 'sensible' pace before increasing tempo.

. Provides you with an achievable challenge in dexterity and coordination.

. Mixed Media system increases likelihood of storage in long term memory.

. Compatible with Windows PC & Mac Platforms, iPhone, iPad(s), iTouch

. SECURE download to your personal hand held device in moments

to raise your drumming game!

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