VIDEO - Blonde in Black


When it comes to long hair modeling, contrasts are very important.
Light colors go very well with brown and black hair and darker colors go very well with lighter hair, such as blonde hair.
Kateryna has very beautiful and healthy knee length hair, and what is a color that matches that perfectly in modeling? Black.

She is wearing an amazing full body "cat suit" which was the choice of her own when it came to what she wanted to wear in this video.
It fits her perfectly, and you really get to see her amazing figure. She is exercising a lot, which is great and very important for the health, and you will see this very easily in this video, and her amazing hair just makes the video one of the best.

Her hair really stands out, both in contrast to the all-black suit she is wearing as well as how long and healthy it is.
This video is taken at the same day when we did a photoshoot with her and a great photographer, and she is really loving this!

Her hair is unbeatable and silky as always, and she really knows what moves works to make a long hair video the best video.
She starts off by brushing it to make it perfect for all types of hair play, as she is thinking "I have to brush it so it looks 100% perfect in every way, so why not let the long hair enthusiats see that as well?".

She does handheld ponytails, makes waves, parts her hair perfectly with her hands, shows you some amazing handheld pigtails, does some posing, hair play while sitting, bun and bundrop, pigtail braids (double braids) and a bunch of other amazing hair play that you do not want to miss!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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