Dawn's Brushcut Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Blondish-brunette Dawn, whose hair is bra length, is sitting on a red stool talking about her hair. She tells us, "I've never had short hair, and I'm ready for something new and exciting." Through the pre-haircut interview, Dawn talks about how she expects people to react, about previous haircuts, and how she wears her hair. Dawn shows off her long hair one has time as she is getting her hair cut very short - into a brush haircut. After Dawn is caped with a nylon barbershop pinstriped cape, neck strip wrapped around her neck, and the vintage 1920's barber chair lifted higher, James William, the stylist, explains the brush cut haircut that he will be creating for her. As Dawn's hair is sectioned off and put into six ponytails, it appears that Dawn is tearing up. Again, Dawn has never had her hair cut this short, so it's understandable to be nervous at this point. When asked if she would like to back out now, she says, "I'm ready. No backing out." Dawn's husband is offered to cut off the first ponytail and he does. The scissors is continued to be used to cut off the remaining ponytails. Once all the ponytails are laid upon the salon station, James attaches a guard, flicks on the pink Oster clippers, and begins running the clippers over Dawn's head and nape. After awhile, once Dawn's head has been clippered all over, James wets the top of Dawn's head and then uses a comb and scissors to trim the rest of the hair into proper length. A guarded razor shears the fringe to the perfect size. A portable little clippers with a T-blade cleans around Dawn's ears and nape. A pink duster follows to remove the shorn hair from Dawn's nape and shoulders. At the end, Dawn, holding all her ponytails, talks about her haircut experience. Dawn loves her new haircut. Duration 47 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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