ASMR Sleep Meditation: SLEEP Guided Meditation

This Dauchsy Meditation was made to help you fall asleep. The guided meditation will help to slowly but surely bring you down into a deep slumber. Guided relaxation will bring your body and mind to a state that is ready for sleep. ASMR triggers have been added to also help bring you to a deep relaxing state and fall deep asleep. These ASMR trigger include ear to ear soft spoken whispers as well as drawing sounds from a pen and marker. I will also upload this same guided meditation without these added asmr trigger for those who prefer the meditation without them.  Not being able to sleep can have a huge effect on  on a person's life. From lack of sleep, we lose much of our cognitive ability, we feel that sense of tiredness and sluggishness all day and just are not able to function. If we continue to lose sleep day after day, our body and mind will actually begin to see harsher effects from this lack of sleep. If you are having these issues with sleep, then this video is for you. I hope this helps you to fall into a deep deep sleep! Enjoy!!
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