Voxel Sandbox ToolKit for Unreal Engine

Voxel Sandbox ToolKit provides a starting point for developing or prototyping a Voxel-based Sandbox game like Minecraft, Cube World, Planets3 or Forge Quest.
Saving you weeks of work, it lets you concentrate on what makes your game unique!

Requires Unreal Engine 4 (works with the newest version 4.19)

Unreal forums thread: http://bit.ly/UnrealVoxel-thread
Demo client: http://bit.ly/UnrealVoxel
Documentation online: http://bit.ly/UnrealVoxelDocumentation


- All source code included
- C++ World generation is small (only 4 files) with a good performance and logic easy to understand.
- Small C++ system for finding .sav files - simplicity one file = one map = one save
- Rest things are in blueprints so it is so easy to modify like chaning voxel size, textures, effects, post process, sky, items etc.
- Character (3d weapons and attack / up-down animation)
- UMG (main menu, game menu, interactive cursor, item bar, inventory)
- C++ Loading Game (slate)
- Blueprints - pickup
- more than 50 audio files

In addition:
- particle effects: falling leaves, flower pollen, birds
- material effects: wind effect (leaves | grass | flowers), 3d noises (sand | stones)
- instanced meshes: 4x flower, grass, mushroom
- BSP creation - items, mushroom
- fall damage
- improved FoV
- polished sky
- new ambient occlusion
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