MKT 421 Week 2 Marketing Plan Phase I Presentation

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MKT 421 Week 2 Marketing Plan: Phase I Presentation
During this class, you will be creating a marketing plan as a team. Each marketing plan presentation will allow you and your learning to answer the questions that go into a complete marketing plan. For the marketing plan, you will create a new product or service for an existing or new organization. For this week, you will prepare a 10 minute/10 Slide presentation in which you answer the following questions:
1)     Provide an overview of the company that will introduce the new product (Global 2000, Mid Size, or Startup).
2)     Provide a description of your new product or service.
3)     Explain the importance of this product to your selected organization's success. (revitalize current direction, maintain market leadership, or establish a new company)
4)     Create a SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends) analysis for the new product or service and the company.
5)     Determine the marketing research approach you would use to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new product or service.
a)     What questions do you need answered? And how will you get them answered?
Be prepared to answer my and the classes questions (which should be used to refine the lessons learned paper). Also, make sure to rotate presentation duties among your learning team so that I can see each team member in action
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