August 24-30 Meal Plan

Facts About the Meal Plan:

*The meal plan serves as one day full of meals and is repeated for 7 days, which is not too long to get sick of the food but allows for food to be pre-made in mass amounts

*I do 5 meals - meals 1, 2, and 4 are more of a breakfast, lunch and dinner, while meals 3, and 5 are smaller portioned meals to keep my body fed properly throughout the day

*There is an optional post-workout shake/meal that can be added any time during the day

*I suggest meal 1 should be consumed within 1 hour of waking and then all other meals should be spaced 2.5-3.5 hours apart (give or take depending on your schedule)

*My meal plan style is SIMPLISTIC; I've found the fewer ingredients and the easier the prep, the more likely one is to stick to the plan
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