VIDEO - Rapunzel´s fishtail braid 2


One of our fitness rapunzel´s, Kateryna, has a LOT of hair!
Thick, blonde and heavy knee length hair which is incredibly silky fits her so well, and she loves showing it off, and people really love her super long hair!

When you have very long hair, you can do a lot of stuff, you can make a LOT of different hairstyles.
One hairstyle that really looks amazing, but that takes some time to make when you have very long hair is the fishtail braid.
In this video, she makes a very tight fishtail braid, and she does it at a great speed.

In this video, you will see fishtail braiding, making a big hair knot, long hair play and a veyr high ponytail.

This video is a must have if you love long hair and braids!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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