CIS 296 Week 2 Individual IT Strategy Guide – Operating Systems Business Proposal

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CIS 296 Week 2 Individual: IT Strategy Guide – Operating Systems Business Proposal
Your company is now looking to potentially adopt a new operating system. You have been asked to create a business proposal to select a suitable operating system, describe it, and outline how to maintain it.

Utilizing your Learning Team collaboration, create a 2- to 3-page proposal in Microsoft®Word. Structure this as a proposal, rather than a research paper, with the intent being to convince the audience of your chosen operating system and its benefits.

At a minimum, include the following for this proposal:

Compare Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems
Explain the difference between closed and open source operating systems
For the selected operating system:
Outline the fundamentals of computer software configuration, file management, safety, recovery and security
Outline common troubleshooting situations and proper procedures to fix them
Explain the importance of maintenance and proper updates
Follow APA formatting guidelines.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.
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