You will create a very simple two numbers calculator with save options Solution

You will create a very
simple two numbers calculator with save options; here is the specifications for
the application. Create a form divided vertically in two halves with right and
left panels

1- In the left panel you will create the
following control, the label or the value of the control will be in
"" and the type of the control will in []

a- "First Number" [textbox]

b- "Second number" [texbox]

c- "Result" [textbox] - read only

d- "+" [push button] "-"
[push button] "/" [push button] "*" [push button]

f- "Save" [push button]
"Display" [push button]

2- Operations

The user will enter two numbers in the
"First Number" and the "Second Number", then press

the "+" for addition, "-"
for subtraction, "*" multiplication and "/" the result will
be displayed in the result [textbox],

if the user clicked "[save]" then the
operation can be displayed in the right panel when the user press [Display]

Please note that the user can save up to 10
operations. Add "clear" [push button] on the right panel to clear the
content, make sure that you trap all the errors and set the focus to the
appropriate control after the error occurred

- Make sure that the result contains the
operations, I should see in the right panel something like this



and so on.

Submission Instructions:

- You must trap divided by Zero and a display a
message to the user “Cannot Divide By Zero”, allow the user to renter another

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