TruKenna's Permanent Wave Machine Real Perm - VOD Digital Video On Demand

Dressed in a 1950's dress, TruKenna visits an old-fashion beauty salon for a permanent wave machine perm. Camera close ups will show you exactly how to wrap and set hair using the 1930's perm machine equipment -- felt rubber pads, spacers, metal rods, end paper, and the "heaters" aka clamps. A modern therm perm solution is used, and this solution can be purchased at beauty supply shops. Once TruKenna's hair is covered in clamps and wires, the perm machine is turned on. A test curl is taken, as test curls should always be taken for any type of perm. TruKenna sits under the heated clamps for ten minutes. Cameras capture some of the steam that rises from her hair. The hair dresser, Carmen of Carmen's Creative Hairstyling, tries to make TruKenna more comfortable by spraying water on her head. The result is more steam! Once the units are cooled, TruKenna's hair is rinsed and styled. Although her resulting hair is soft waves, very tight curls can be produced using this machine.Everyone had a great time during this video; some talk of modern conveniences did find their way into the conversation. But we're sure you'll enjoy learning about this hair perming method, and for those lucky enough to have used a perm machine, you'll reminisce about your time getting a perm with the permanent wave machine.For this video: approx. 4 hour and 12 minutes, screen size 640x480, format .wmv
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