Vassh Mega Drumkit & Sample Pack 3 (1000+ Samples)

It's been a year since my last pack so here is another one <3 This pack contains over 10000+ sounds! All original ranging from Liquid, Crunchy, Metalic, Glitchy, and so on. All for a great price too! You're not going to find a better deal than this Quality & Quantity!

These sounds go great for all genres especially for Trap, Chill, Downtempo,
Future Garage, Future Bass, and Deep House.

Synth Loops x 150+ ( Stemed! / All styles
Bass Loops x 50 ( Clean, Distorted, Warping, and Bouncing)
Drum Loops x 200+ (Stemed! / All styles)
Perc Loops x 15
Foley Loops x 15
Midi Files x 50 (Chords, Plucks, Melodies, and Basslines)

Claps x 50
Snares x 100
Percs x 90
808 x 10
Hats x 70
Kicks x 75
Rims x 10
Cymbals x 15
Rides x 10
SFX x 20
Textures x 20
Extras x 10+

Contruction Kit  5 Songs x 50 Samples (All Genres)
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