Lewis Structures Notes

A How to Guide to:

  • Drawing Lewis Structures For Both Ionic & Covalent Compounds

  • Electron Geometry Chart and Definition 

  • Molecular Geometry Chart and Definition

  • Examples of Each Type of Molecular Geometry 

  • VSEPR Theory Charge and Bond Angles With Examples of Each.

  • How to Use Formal Charges to Find the Best Lewis Structure

  • Examples and Definition of Resonance Structures

  • 3 Main Factors of Finding Polarity with Easy to Read Charges

  • Polarity Examples 

  • Hybridization Definition and Chart

  • Hybridization Examples of Each

  • Hybridization of Structures with More Than One Central Atom 

  • Sigma and Pi Bonds

  • Example of a Hybrid Orbital Diagram

This is a total of 26 pages packed with all the different concepts that are commonly asked on tests, I've even included easy to read charts and diagrams that are also visually pleasing!
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