International Management Case Analysis.DOCX

International Management Case Analysis

Read Case 6 (attached below) found on pp. PC3-17-to PC3-25 of International Management and prepare a written analysis. The written case analysis should be 2 pages, double spaced. The analysis must include the following:

·        A brief summary of the major issues or problems in the case (political, social, cultural, organizational, and ethical issues).

·         An identification of the major stakeholders and their stake in the case.

·         Address the questions at the end of the case study. Please respond to case questions comprehensively, but also be concise and to the point

·         Lessons learned— insights gained concerning dealing with international business.

Each of these short papers must be submitted in APA format that includes a cover page.  Should you desire additional information on company profiles, please visit MarketLine (formerly Datamonitor 360) by visiting the Business LibGuide ( and clicking on the "Company Information" tab.Who participated in the discussions.
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