HCS/341 Recruitment Matrix .DOCX

HCS/341 Recruitment Matrix

Job Description Matrix


Create a matrix identifying internal and external recruitment strategies and methods as part of workforce planning needs; for example, such strategies might include job fairs, online résumé submission, or planned networking events.

Complete the Recruitment Matrix template on the student website.

Include the following in the matrix:

  • Five recruitment strategies or methods

  • Internal or external strategy identification

  • A detailed 200-word description of the strategy and why the strategy is appropriate for health care

Create a graphic image identifying the different components of the selection process. Examples of a graphic image are flowcharts, Venn diagrams, graphs and slides.

Include the following in the graphic image:

  • A differentiation between job analysis, job description, and job specification

  • A detailed 200-word description that differentiates between job analysis, job description, and job specification

Submit both the matrix and graphic image to your facilitator to answer the question:

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Recruitment Matrix

Recruitment Strategy or Method
External or Internal
Appropriateness for Health Care
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