SOC 110 Week 2 Participation

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110 Week 2 Participation

A Team Of Talent

Watch and discuss "Building A Team Of
Talent" on this week's Electronic Reserve Readings page.

  • What
    strengths do you bring to a team at work?

  • How do you
    see your strengths fitting in and supporting the needs of a team?

Discuss and respond to your


Watch "Team Building" on this week's Electronic Reserve
Readings page.

  • What do you
    think of the techniques of team building discussed in this video?

  • When would
    you use this technique while working on a team project at school or at

Discuss and respond to your


Resource: Ch.
3 & 4 of Working in Groups and the Week Two videos "Building
A Team Of Talent" and "Team Building"

Imagine you
wake up on the beach of a small, rocky island along with your friends,
uninjured. Your plane, partially submerged offshore, is mechanically and
electrically incapacitated. The pilot and co-pilot are nowhere to be
found. The island is about a mile from a larger landmass visible across
the water. In contrast to your present surroundings, you see that the
larger landmass contains vegetation.

Identify and
discuss communication strategies to facilitate formulating a plan to deal with
your situation. Include how you and your friends might function as a team to
ensure that you all survive.

Discuss your
responses with the class

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