ENG 223 Week 1 Written Communication in the Workplace

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 ENG 223 Week 1 Written Communication in the Workplace

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses the following:




How messages can be adapted for various audiences in the workplace


How understanding audience can inform or help in identifying the tools and types of media or form (such as e-mail, letters, memos, and so on) that are appropriate for communicating in the workplace


Why grammar and word choice are important for effective communication in the workplace


What roles revision, editing, and proofreading play in clear workplace communication


How a writer can achieve accuracy and appropriate tone


Structure your report according to the principles of The Basic Essay, with

*Title that forecasts content of the report

*Formal introduction with clear thesis statement

*Discussion that ties to and supports thesis statement

*Formal conclusion that summarizes thesis and discussion. (No new information.)

*You may use subheadings to indicate the response to each topic above RECOMMENDED

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines: title page; page numbers; double spacing; indent paragraphs

 Adhere to rubric provided.

Submit all assignments to Write Point and Plagiarism Checker and post results with your e

Save all assignments files like this: Last name_first initial_title of assignment.

 Post to Assignment tab.  Local classes bring hard copy to class for review.


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