Quantum Grid

Quantum Grid 4.0

Manifest your desires and use the secret of the law of attraction to your advantage. The secret is directing life force and the key is genuine to hacking your reality. BioGeometry as a modern form of alchemy based on subtle energy interactions of geometrical shapes. In Bio-geometry, a pyramid shape is energized and emanate a carrier waved of energy. Sacred geometry configuration produces and amplifies that energy. This is why my energy images devices are made using sacred geometry.
This is the most powerful Quantum energy image I have ever created! Use it with your radionic software, radionics box, or as a stand alone device. The Quantum Grid 4.0 will elevate your Radionic operations to near Godcastor levels. Quantum Grid is an excellent healing tool that works on all areas of your body. Print out the image and place it underneath your radionic device so that you can increase the power output to a mega power output. If you place a candle on the image and focus on your intent, you can send the energy of the image to any place on the planet. You can also put a sigil
and a picture of your target onto the center of the image and energy will instantly be transmitted to that target. I have included the Quantum plate where you can place a copy of the image onto the Quantum plate alongside a sigil and energy will be sent to the target.

Bonus includes:

Quantum Heat
Quantum Heat teaches you an ancient meditative technique for heating your body even in the coldest environmental conditions. The meditation and breathing technique amplify your she energy warming your body mind and soul. Also included in this book is a quantum heat talisman that you can quickly use the heat your body in these cold winter months. The technologies in this book benefit both novice and expert users they can it be integrated into a Radionics a box or software. Stop feeling the cold outside and take control of your reality.
Ascension Seats and Montauk Chair Power Unlimited

Ascension Seats and Montauk Chair Power Unlimited
The Montauk chair was essentially one of the most powerful manifestation devices ever created by man. Now you too can tap into the limitless power of the top-secret Montauk chair.
Power up with the Ascension seats then sit in the virtual Montauk chair to create one of the most powerful manifestation systems on the planet. Utilize hidden technology that his been Away from the general public. Tap into the energy of powerful manifestation. This technology can be used with Radionic software Radionic hardware or integrated into any magical system.

The Quantum Protection Spell
Protects against all things dark and evil. Use this protection spell to protect yourself from demons vampires aliens and anything else that goes bump in the night.

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