Knights of Ren - Grenade Face Helmet

Here are my files for the Knight of Ren popularly nicknamed "Grenade Face"
Broken up into 5 pieces, including:1. Main Shell2. Skirt3. Face Shield4. Buckle Right5. Buckle Left
The parts are about 5mm thick so unless you don't want to use a ton of filament, set your infill settings to your desired %. The parts should be very strong if printed with anything over 15% infill
Parts will need to be sliced up to fit onto your printer by YOU. There are several free softwares that can do this very simply. I recommend NetFabb Basic. There are several Youtube Tutorials on how to split files apart.
**IMPORTANT**- Please no molding and selling casts without permisson from me first.- If you would like to offer printing services for people, please direct your customer/client to this page to purchase the file before printing off another copy. 1 "license" per person.
If you have any other questions, please PM me
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