Module 5 AutoInventory Java code

605.201 Module 06 Assignment (Summer 2015):
The purpose of this assignment is to provide practice with designing and developing
a Java program using multiple classes and multiple source files. In addition, since
you will be extending a generally non-object-oriented program you know well, it will
provide some insight into how implementing object-oriented programming concepts
can improve the understanding, flexibility, and maintainability of your Java program.
Take your Module 5 AutoInventory Java code and do the following. The object is to
make your program easier to implement multiple command interfaces. For
example, after you are done it should be fairly easy to add a graphical user
interface (GUI) to your program and give the user the choice which interface to use:
 Download the docs zip file and uncompress it on your computer. Double-click
on the index.html file to display the JavaDocs in your Web browser.
 Refactor your project to include multiple class definitions with each class
definition in its own source file (unless it is an inner class). Include the
following classes as documented in the included JavaDocs. Use the design
concepts and standards discussed so far in the course:
o AutoInventory – encapsulates the internal inventory data
o AutoInventoryCmdLineInterface – implements the command line
o ProcessAutoInventory – The main entry point of the program
Note the JavaDocs only define the public interfaces. This leaves the internal
design of each class up to you. I recommend you reuse the code from your
Module 5 Assignment, moving the code which provides access to the
inventory data to the AutoInventory class and the code running the interface
to the AutoInventoryCmdLineInterface class. Note: except for error
messages, the AutoInventory class should not display any information to the
screen except for error messages. All command processing should be done in
the AutoInventoryCmdLineInterface class.
Ensure the resulting program functions as described in the Module 5
Assignment. No additional user functionality is expected.
Compress all of your Java source files and a single screen print which shows the
program runs for this project and create a single zip file (a .zip file, not .bz2, .gz,
etc.) and submit them to this Blackboard assignment.
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