ThrowIT 3.2.0

ThrowIT 3.2.0

This plugin allow a player to throw an item s/he is currently holding in his/her hand as a weapon, which gives damage to his/her opponent. You can make any item throwable (projectile-like).

The amount of damage each item can give can be configured in the config.yml.

For a player to throw an item, s/he needs to have a permission node for the particular item type for throwing. For instance, in order to throw a GOLDEN_AXE as a weapon, you need to give throwit.use.golden_axe permission node to a player.

You can also configure the plugin so that only thrower can re-pickup the thrown item. By default, anyone can pick up thrown items.

This is a video demonstrating TE-ThrowEnchant but you get the same effect from this plugin.

Just install ThrowIT.jar in the plugin folder. Then you can either "restart the server" or "reload the plugin.


# maximum distance (this is not used atm)
#maximum_distance: 24 # 24 : arrow's max

# if the following option is set "true" only the owner of the item, which
# has been thrown, can pick it up again.
only_owner_can_pick_up: false

# cooldown related
cooldown: 10 # in seconds

Cooldown: "&a[ThrowIT] You have to wait for &b%remaining% &aseconds."
CannotThrow: "&c[ThrowIT] You do not have a permission to throw %material%!. Ask an admin to give you a permission (%perm%)!"

#if an item is specified under "damages:", this default_damage amount will
# be used to give damage to the opponent.
default_damage: 4.0
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