eFit Top Workouts Training PDF

When it comes to training, I don’t have one specific style that I enjoy. I enjoy EVERYTHING! Sometimes I enjoy slow paced sessions where the focus is on lifting heavy weights with plenty or rest periods, and other times I enjoy intense workouts where I’m lifting challenging weights and throwing in 800m runs or rope climbs! I love variety! And to me, it’s one of the best ways to gain strength, improve your fitness, and keep your training interesting.

Have you ever gone through a stage where you feel unmotivated to train, your strength has plateaued, or even decreased? Our bodies adapt quickly to a stimulus, so we must change it up, and constantly challenge it so that we can keep progressing and moving forward.

Along with crossfit, I do my own training (solo), so I have put together some of my favourite workouts from 2017! These workouts have all challenged me in one way or another. From strength endurance, aerobic based circuits, glute burners, core finishers, dead ball complex, and unilateral training! Each session is different, and all serve it’s own purpose!

This training PDF is not specific to any goals as such, it’s more so aimed at giving variety to your training, to challenge your body, improve your overall strength, and enhance your performance!
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