Skye Noelle's Inverted Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand Download

Hippie woman, Skye Noelle, wearing a 1970s summer dress, with her light-colored brunette hair down near her waist, gives an interview about her hair habits and shows off her hair length. She wears eye glasses, except when having her hair cut in the barber chair. A giant scissors makes an appearance in this video. Kat, James William, and Skye Noelle play around with it for a bit. Once she is in the salon, Kat and James try out a couple of capes on her. Now it's time to start her haircut. Neck strip wrapped around her neck, large orange cape covering her, James puts Skye Noelle's hair into a ponytail, and cuts it off with the giant scissors. Skye Noelle is quite nervous about the scissors and the haircut, and it shows. But not to worry, she'll love her new look at the end. What a shock though it must have been for her when she reached for her freshly cut hair and found it much shorter already! Now that the hardest part for her is over, it's time for a relaxing shampoo and rinse. Her hair is then toweled briefly, combed through, and the scissor cutting begins. When her haircut is finished, her hair is dried with a blow dryer. Although Skye Noelle claims that the whole haircutting experience was horrible in her 'after the haircut' interview, she does laugh and giggle at the end. Just a note: Skye Noelle is a natural woman. Thus no chemical treatments for her hair, and her legs are not shaved. Although the focus is on her hair, her hairy legs are seen briefly from time to time. Duration 55 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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