PHI 105 Week 6 Persuasive Essay: Peer Review Worksheet

Topic: Thought, Language, and Communication -
You Want Me to Do What?!


Review the media piece "Peer Review Using


Follow the directions outlined in the media piece to complete this
learning activity which is designed to provide practice using a rubric when
peer reviewing a paper.


Review the first draft of the person who posted his/her response
directly below yours in the Peer Review forum. If your draft is the last
posted, review the first draft posted.


Complete the Peer Review Worksheet for the first draft you


Copy and paste the contents of the completed Peer Review Worksheet
to the peer review forum as a "reply" to the initial post of your
peer's first draft. Do not post the worksheet as an attachment.


Review the grading criteria at the bottom of the Peer Review
Worksheet to ensure successful completion of this assignment.


Submit the completed worksheet to your
instructor as well.

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