Highly Condensed H2 Maths Notes

Are you looking for a short, summarized notes for H2 Vectors, H2 Complex Numbers, or even H2 Statistics? Do you remember the formula for the sum of a Geometric Progression? The H2 Math Formulae can easily be remembered and referred to in this Highly Condensed H2 Maths Notes. Purchase this Highly Condensed H2 Maths Notes to quickly review and get ready for your exam! This notes took hours to compile, and is the result of years of teaching H2 Maths, hope it can help you achieve your ideal results in H2 Maths!

Note: The set of notes is 9 pages long (2 columns per page, total of 18 columns), i.e. highly condensed and summarized short notes. Free Exam Papers: Numerous H2 Maths (Prelim)

Free Attached Exam Papers in PDF Format, with Solutions. Schools include ACJC, AJC, HCI, NJC, all the way to YJC, and more. Also includes tips on how to check for careless mistakes.

(Note: Exam papers are from year 2012.)
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