Anisa & Ivana Haircut

Two beautiful models with long straight thick hair get their hair cut short in stages. The models started off with long hair play at the beginning; they brushed their long hair, and make ponytail styles while their hair were still long. Suzana then enters the scene to role play as the hairdresser to cut their hair.

We started with Ivana. We teased first by cutting just the ends from her ponytail. Then, we hacked off the ponytail to shoulder length. After that, we loosened her hair, and cut it to chin length. Gorana then stepped in to finish the cut into an angled short bob with buzzed nape.

Next, Anisa gets the chop. She is a lively woman and is very excited about her haircut. We first trimmed the ends of her hair a little, to shoulder length. Then, we cut bangs into her hair. Next, we cut her hair into a lip length short bob. We went further by cutting it all to a bolwcut with the sides and nape buzzed. Then, we gave her a Chelsea haircut; buzzing everything except the bangs. Finally, we buzzed it all off into a crop! After that, Suzana drapped her super long hair around Anisa's freshly buzzed head, for an amazing show of contrast between short and long hair.

To finish off, the models played with their cut hair. They could not believe how much hair had been cut off!

This video is a custom video request scripted by a customer.

Video length: 173 min
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