★MEGA BREAST ENCHANCEMENT★ Male to Female Transformation!

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This is a more powerful version of the track found on youtube,
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Good news for everyone who wants to grow a pair of beautiful breasts!
This is the most powerful subliminal audio you can find to help you grow a pair of beautiful breasts.

This track was first developed as a custom track for a person who requested after seeing major changes in the body after listening to Kate Upton transformation. I was made aware that the biggest change that the person saw was on the face and overall body, but not to much to the breasts. The most surprising thing I was informed was that the person received a lot of attention from Straight males!

Encouraged by the above mentioned results I was constantly bombarded by the person to make a custom subliminal Audio for which I would normally charge significantly higher than usual. But I decided to charge the person the normal rates in exchange for regular feedback. Boy we were surprised! Its been a month and the breast shape has formed a strong foundation and the shape is rounder and the size is increasing day by day! I have to admit that I updated the track with stronger affirmations on the second week and this boosted the speed even more.

All we did was infuse positive affirmations that is supposed to find a way for someone born without breasts, to grow one without causing any problems to their health.

Listen to this track for at least 4 hours a day, you can listen to this track for up to 12 hours. For optimum results you can listen to this track for 8 hours a day for the next one month, you should see results by then, if you want to grow a pair of bigger breasts, you can listen till you get the results you want.

WARNING: Do not download or pirate this track. This track is meant to be used online or to be listened after paying for it. This track contains strong anti piracy affirmations.

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