QNT 275 Week 5 Business Decision Making - Learning Activities Required (Participation Responses)


Week 5 Business Decision Making


        5.1 Interpret data analysis results to
reach conclusions.

        5.2 Communicate recommendations to
decision makers.


Learning Activities Required





Managing the Data Deluge

Instinct, Debate, and Data
Make the Best Decisions

Constructing and Interpreting
Control Charts

Interpret and Communicate
Data Analysis Results

Recommended Videos: Creating
Presentations in PowerPoint®

Watch the Creating Presentations in PowerPoint® videos:

  • Creating a New Presentation in PowerPoint® 2013

  • Create a Presentation in PowerPoint® 2013

  • Adding and Editing Text in PowerPoint® 2013

  • Adding Images in PowerPoint® 2013

  • Add Text and Images in PowerPoint® 2013

  • Arranging Slides

  • Saving Options

  • Moving Slides and Saving in PowerPoint® 2013


Presenting Data Effectively,
Ch. 5

Presenting Data Effectively,
Ch. 6

Week 5 Learning Team
Collaboration Discussion: Business Decision Making Project

Week 3 and 4 Business Decision Making Project assignments with your team.


  • What are the
    similarities and differences between the way your teammates approached
    their projects?

  • How can data
    analysis be interpreted to reach conclusions about the various business

  • Based on your
    readings from Presenting Data Effectively, what recommendations can you
    make to each other for the best ways to communicate recommendations to
    decision makers?

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