198 : Miss Black Mamba revving, bouncing and driving the Peugeot scooter

Miss Black Mamba wants to go out with her scooter.

She is wearing a black top, tight leggins and high heels.

The Peugeot scooter is well know by the Misses to be a pain in the arse, because you need to kick it and it never starts straight away.

So she is pretty worried about her going out! She starts kicking it to start the engine, but after a while she understood that it will not be an easy thing, as the engine makes no noise, no sign of life.

But she is patient and she knows it will start up soon, so she continues kicking it! She tries with both feet, maybe one is better than the other! She kicks really hard every time to see if she can make it start up, and, after a really long time and a lot of kicks, the engine suddenly starts up! She lights up a cigarette and she gets ready to rev it! Who is the boss here?

While smoking the cigarette, she gives the scooter a really good rev, because she wants it to understand that all those kicks pissed her off! While revving the engine she bounces on the scooter, slowly revealing her underwear... This will be a really sexy rev!

While giving you her sexiest faces, she keeps the revs higher and higher...The air gets hotter and she does not want to stop at all!

After a while she wants to understand if the scooter understood the lesson, so she turns the key to shut the engine and then she turns back the key to restart it, she gives a kick and ...
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